This is a Workshop for all sport & fitness enthusiast who want to strengthen their core and create chiselled strong abdominals.  In this workshop, you will learn what foods to eat, which exercises create the best results, and the top 3 MUST do’s to reaching 6-pack ABS!

Miss Universe & Weight Training Expert
Vivian Hylkema

Workshop Dates:

October 1, 2017

Price for early registration is € 47,-
Price for later registrations is € 67,-

Almere Green Sports, Klokkeluiderstraat 4, Almere Stad

We will get down to the details of how everyone, yes, you too, can create the waistline you have always wanted to have. I will go through all exercises with you, show the technique and form used, the reasons as well as what not to do. You will also get to integrate them as we go through each one. There will be a few different levels to each exercise and I aim to show the adaptations to the exercises and the place to start in a workout program from the beginner to an advanced sporter.

During the workshop, I will show you how you can adapt your lifestyle to getting a leaner waistline and how to keep it.

In a nutshell, I will TEACH you the following:

  • what exercises give you the best results for gorgeous abdominals
  • what foods to eat to keep belly fat low
  • what foods to AVOID eating for lean ABs
    How often should you train your abdominals
    and more on creating CORE strength
  • The answer to why you can’t get rid of your belly fat
  • I will show you the top of the line exercises to create a small waistline with chiselled ABS
  • You will learn how to strengthen your Body, truly feel Strong in your physical being.

Together we will do a workout for AWESOME ABS TOGETHER that will simply make your body get ‘ITS FREAK ON’ to work for you and not against you!

I will talk to you about the foods and TRICKS there are to lose those last stubborn fat zones around the belly and butt.

This workshop is for anyone who does their workout at home or in the gym. For the beginner who just started their exercise program, up to the advanced person who has been working out for several years and for the fitness & bodybuilding athletes that compete.

Looking Forward to meeting You!

You will receive an email to verify your registration with detailed information for your participation.

If you have any questions feel free to email me.