You must get your doctor’s approval before beginning this fitness/nutrition program. This document is meant for entertainment purposes only. By continuing to read beyond this point you full acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age and assume all inherent risk with performing anything contained within this document. You must consult your doctor prior to starting this program. If you have any injury or medical condition that may prohibit you from performing anything in this program then you do so at your own risk. The fitness and nutrition recommendations in this guide are not to be used as a substitute for any of your doctor, trainer or nutritionist/dietician prescribed routine. Consult with your doctor, trainer or nutritionist to guide you in the proper exercise and nutrition routine for you. If taking any medications consult your doctor or primary care taker before starting this or any program. If you experience dizziness, spinning, chest pain, feelings of a light head, faint, trouble breathing, or shortness of breath stop immediately and consult a doctor. If your doctor, trainer or nutritionist recommends that you don’t use our program comply with your respected professionals orders.


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