As a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker I would be honored to speak at your next event!

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Topics for Speaking;

  • Weight Training for Women
  • Body Conscious Living – Getting to know your Body
  • Weightloss Breakthrough – How to finally win your battle against your weight

Hi! So glad you are taking the time to browse around my website and read about my Inspirational Speaking!

When I speak to a group of people the most important factor is that I connect with them on a deeper level, getting to know everyone and their needs.

During my talks it’s not uncommon for the audience to recognize their own barriers that keeps them from reaching the results in life they want. The exact area in their life that they want results in does not matter, because YOU cannot cut yourself off of who you are in one area and ignore a barrier, it just happens, it’s energy!

Exchanging your energy into your world around you, the place, person, people, things, which you are integrated with at that time. One cannot escape their own ‘energy’. You cannot fake who you are anymore, not in this day and time.

One important quality value that I feel I work hard to keep is to be truly ‘genuine’ and be myself in every way during my talks. To show others how to accept themselves and dare to be who they truly are is letting your vulnerability shine through. To me this is using a weakness and turning it into your strength.

Fearlessly moving forward as I am.  Because of my personal life path going through experiences of having serious eating disorders (I was Anorexic as a young pre-teen), emotional depressions, workaholic, 3 marriages, 3 divorces, re-locating at least 20 times and to different countries,  has given me an unbelievable willpower to push ahead to succeed and look for what I truly want out of my life and reach my desired outcomes.

Working with my body, my muscles and their development, finding my outer strength, connecting and feeling my body,  helped me to find my ‘inner’ strength.
During my workshops and seminars, I want to reach each person and inspire them to go forward with courage and anticipation seeking to exceed their own expectations. Connecting and mastering the relationship with their body and recognizing how they communicate to themselves and to others.

To live my TRUTH. This is my base value and how I speak  in relation to our bodies, our minds, and our spirit in becoming all we can be through weighttraining and exercise.

I am truly happy  to come and give a workshop or seminar! You can contact me for more information right here. I am looking forward to hearing from you!