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Taking the step to lose excess bodyweight or body fat is a big step when you have more than 10-15 kg of overweight to lose. If you have 5, 10, 15 kg or more, than starting may not even be your biggest challenge, but staying motivated is often the most difficult for most of us.

Building Muscle Mass and Strength

When you work towards gaining more muscle mass and Strength in your body  this is when you experience yourself growing physically and mentally to higher intense levels of this wonderful sport.  Becoming stronger, more fit, healthier, and notice that you have grown as an individual in your mind and spirit as well.

Competition Prep

The perfect Program for upcoming or experienced Fitness Model, Bodybuilding or Physique athletes. Are you thinking about competing in your first fitness & bodybuilding competition? If you are, than I congratulate you! This is a fantastic step to take in developing your physique and your mental strength, courage, and attitude.

Fitness for Starters

Through physical exercise your body physically moves on the outside as well as creates movement inisde you as well. This ‘movement’ gives strength, mental and physical power, the feeling of becoming stronger, and keeps the body and mind healthy. When you are  keeping your body and your mind healthy than you can  create your dreamlife like you want it to be.

This is the foundation.

My business  and I create a solid foundation to build your dreams on.


These CHALLENGES are for everyone who wants to bring their bodies and minds to a higher level . Maybe you are in a dip, lost motivation, always trying to fit in your workout leaving you stressed just to find time? Or are you at a deadend with your training?

Personal Training

Have you been looking for someone, a trainer, that can show you how to reach your bodies best potential? Do you want to create your dream body?  Are you looking to learn more about your physical body?



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