Booty Challenge


6 NEED TO KNOW’s About the BOOTY Challenge

To build more volume, rounder, and firmer glutes!



  1. YOU DON’T HAVE TO SPEND HOURS IN THE GYM USING MACHINES TO DEVELOP A GREAT BUTT! Doing as little as 1-2 exercises a day, +- 10 min a day, between 2-4 x a week, can add volume to a deconditioned saggy, yes saggy butt, within a month!
  2. IF YOU HAVE STRONG QUADS & HAMSTRINGS – YOUR THIGH MUSCLES – it’s very well possible that your legs take over in your exercises. If this is the case, then you will NEVER reach the size, shape or firmness you want to achieve. But………there is a solution! And I HAVE IT. Using tips & exercises in a specific order, I will show you how to maximize glute utilization and minimize the possibility of your stronger thighs to take over.
  3. YOUR MINDSET & YOUR SELF-TALK will either boost you into GREATNESS or will SABOTAGE any effort you are making. Leaving you with minimum results. (so be conscious what you are thinking right now! Do you believe it’s possible to create your dream BOOTY in 28 – days?? ) When your self-talk is negative and sabotaging every move you try to take in the direction of your desire to have a round, strong and firm booty, then you also can CHANGE that MINDSET.  I will be helping you with developing more powerful mindset at the moments when your motivation needs a boost.
  4. DON’T BE FOOLED BY Videos & photos ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Pretty fitness models are showing their glute exercises on video and taken from a ‘rear’ view. The video’s as well as the bodies of the fitness models, have taken many years, or at least a few, being very dedicated to mostly their nutrition plan and then to their training program. DNA plays a significant role as well as the fact that these modern times have made it possible to get implants in your ‘cheeks’ giving anyone a beautiful behind! Sometimes it’s almost impossible to see the difference, although I have a trick that I use to see the difference more on that another time.
  5. MAGAZINES, MEDIA, SOCIAL MEDIA, are still busy with their image of the perfect thin body as well as ‘DO THIS WORKOUT AND YOU WILL NEVER HAVE TO TRAIN HARD AGAIN’ stories. When I see these titles, I am already skeptical and prove to be right too. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE TO ANY FITNESS PROGRAM because there is no guarantee that a person is following it correctly, performing the exercises properly or eating clean and healthy.
  6. What about good nutrition and healthy eating habits? These are crucial in creating A NICE BOOTY! Eating clean food, this is food that comes from Mother Earth and natural hormone free (preferably) poultry and meat and fish, is a determining factor of success in any fitness program. Why? Your body and your brain are dependent on the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, that are needed to supply energy all day and especially during your workouts, and have your body functioning 100% in all you do. SO HOW ARE YOU GOING TO EAT CLEAN AND HEALTHY? I will provide you with the tips to get your diet going like it should! But don’t forget…….YOU must do the work, I can only provide you with the best tools. 🙂

Inside each Challenge you purchase you receive the following:

  • e-book complete with calendar and exercises
  • instructions with graphics of each exercise
  • advantages of the Challenge
  • Videos of each exercise explaining the complete movement with pre-cautions to prevent injuries
  • Videos of the day of the Challenge with the exercise to motivate you!
  • Tips for your Diet

And more…….