Fitness Model 16 weeks Total Prep Plan


6- weeks before & after photos


The perfect Program for upcoming or experienced Fitness Model, Bodybuilding or Physique athletes.

Are you thinking about competing in your first fitness & bodybuilding competition? If you are then I congratulate you! This is a fantastic step to take in developing your physique and your mental strength, courage, and attitude.

As a recreational sportsman or woman, you most certainly show consistency and determination. But…….the moment you have decided to get on stage, well, this is a completely different story! Have you ever been to a competition to watch? Do you know which category you find most appealing to you for when you want to compete? I suggest you go and watch a few competitions, observe and get the feel of it all.

When you have decided to compete, get on stage, show the hard work you have done with your physical appearance, you will have started a fantastic evolution of  YOURSELF!  It will not only be that you become leaner and fitter, but you will learn a great deal about yourself off stage in the prep and on stage in your presentation.


After you join up I will be contacting you personally and set up your account in our app that not only assists with your workouts for our training, but also helps you to remember daily tasks, build your habits, and personally keep in touch with your Coach, that’s me, in the private chat!

In the Prep program you will receive the following:


  • ·       Starting intake and assessment
  •         Measurable results, fat % measurements etc, monthly or as needed
  •         Monthly Nutrition assessments with modifications as needed
  • ·       Monthly weight training programs made to enhance your diet plan and body type according to your category.
  • ·       Cardio training plan and modifications
  • ·       Custom Made Personal Competition Diet Plan 16 weeks
  • ·       Supplement Advice for supporting your health, increasing stamina, boosting muscle mass, increasing fat loss, and
    supporting your general WELLBEING and MINDSET
  • ·       Pre-competition a Custom Made ‘RIPPED’  Pre-Stage Plan
  •         Weekly appointments live 1 on 1 or  Online via a Skype call
  •         Posing and Presentation training and tips
  •         Stage Ready information about all you need before you stand on stage (bikini etc)
  • ·       Personal member access to your training, diet and more in my app.