Lisandra Chacon
Eigenaresse/Owner / WRQ Fit-N-Healthy

Lisandra Chacon

I know Vivian as a passionate, fully fledged Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Coach, and pleasant friend. She is very professional and has a lot of knowledge as a Lifestyle Coach and Trainer. The knowledge that she has, she loves to share it with others so that we can be the best that we can be in everything that we set out to do. She knows exactly what we need to get the best results. I have had the privilege and pleasure of being trained by Vivian, through her eye for detail and integrity she has thought me how to focus on getting the right results without being afraid to fail. She is also creative in developing workshops and training schemes especially for women as she knows exactly what a woman needs both mentally and physically in order to achieve her goals. Vivian is a pleasure to work with and to be trained by due to her friendly and helpful personality. | Lisandra ChaconEigenaresse/Owner WRQ Fit-N-Healthy

Ronnie van Munster
Business Development Manager South East Asia

Ronnie van Munster

Vivian is a highly motivated & professional Personal Trainer with a strong knowledge and experience in Sports & Nutrition. She has the ability to inspire the people around her and help them to achieve their personal goals in life. During the time that I've worked with Vivian she shared a lot of her knowledge with me about Fitness & Nutrition of which I am thankful. I wish Vivian all the best.| Ronnie van Munster, Business Development Manager South East Asia

Georgia Zwemmer
Hair Stylist and Owner / Georgia's Hair Services

Georgiana's Hair Services

Meeting Vivian was a crucial moment in my life. Due to her professionalism and dedication, many barriers on my way to becoming an athlete just disappeared. I learned from her to trust I can reach any level I put my mind to, and not only physically, but also from the point of view of personality. She just inspires you to be the best version of you, due to the fact she is reaching that level in her own way of living, in her coaching and training.
Seeing Vivian's elegance, in her everyday life, but also on the stage, while she was competing, inspired me to be a woman of elegance and of strength, just like she is. Her external appearance, of beautiful proportions and femininity, express the inner beauty for which every woman or man should long for. | Georgiana Zwemmer, Georgiana's Hair Services

Bart van Roosmalen
Personal Trainer / Peak Time Personal Training

Peak Time Personal Training Utrecht

Vivian was mijn manager bij Euro Fitness Centre in Utrecht. Ik heb graag met haar gewerkt en heb in korte tijd veel kennis opgedaan op het gebied van training. Daarnaast wist zij als manager ons op een prettige manier te sturen en wist ook hoe ze moest omgaan met moeilijkere situaties binnen ons team. Vivian is een vrouw met veel levenservaring en dat zie je terug in haar werk op een positieve manier. Vivian in 3 woorden: Energiek, sociaal en creatief!  | Bart van RoosmalenPeak Time Personal Training Utrecht

Transformational Life en Business Coaching en Retreats

Vivian is the best Personal Trainer you can have. In the intake interview Vivian investigated very carefully my objectives, wants and needs. After that we started with a tailor made program which supports me to start liking to work on my condition. We are still in the middle of the work and I love here warm and straight forward attitude, giving me all the space I need. Besides the body workouts, she also knows exactly which nutrition is good for me to lose weight and gets me fit. I already feel the difference after 3 weeks. So if you are looking for someone to guide you in getting a better condition or train you, call Vivian. | Tineke van der Vorst, Transformational Life en Business Coaching en Retreats

Operations Lieutenant at Deschutes County Sheriffs Office USA

Vivian stands out as one of the most professional business woman in the fitness industry. Her knowledge level is superior. Combined with superior customer service she stands out among the best in her chosen industry. I highly recommend her on a professional and personal level to any person looking to enhance their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. | Scott Lutz, Operations Lieutenant at Deschutes County Sheriffs Office