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The best gift you can give is to REACH OUT TO OTHERS!!

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 “You can replace your energy & your income, but you cannot replace your TIME. Invest in your Body, Mind & Heart”.

Vivian Hylkema

Vivian Hylkema, Personal Trainer and MindSet Coach

As a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker I would be honored to speak at your next event!

Exchanging your energy into your world around you, the place, person, people, things, which you are integrated with at that time. One cannot escape their own ‘energy’. You cannot fake who you are anymore, not in this day and time. One important quality value that I feel I work hard to keep is to be truly ‘genuine’ and be myself in every way during my talks. To show others how to accept themselves and dare to be who they truly are is letting your vulnerability shine through. To me this is using a weakness and turning it into your strength.

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